Gamer or Not, TLG Sets His Sights on UEL for the Long-haul

West Virginia Trollz

Backstory Like many gamers, Matthew Wayne Turner (TLG) of the LA Trollz, forged his love of playing video games as a child. “Me and my brother grew up in a not-so-great neighborhood. But we were more scared of mom than the streets, so we went straight home after school,” Turner said.  The brothers passed the […]

Luccisama Thrives on Game Day Energy


Backstory With a mother in the military, Steven Meadows (AKA Luccisama) of the New York Bandits spent his childhood years either playing outside with friends or inside on the Sega Genesis. “I started when I was little,” said Meadows, “Mario… Donkey Kong… after a while, it just stuck with me.” Meadows’ love of gaming continued […]