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Welcome to the Endgame Invitational, where your gaming skills could lead you to fame and fortune! This is your chance to compete against the best from around the globe, right from your own gaming setup. Get ready to battle it out in the most epic gaming challenges across five genres. Sign up now and start your journey to the top!

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Phase 1

Combine "Try Outs"

Welcome to the Endgame Invitational’s Phase 1: The Combine. Like the elite trials of pro sports, we’re challenging gamers with 9 skill tests across 6 games. Unlimited retries mean endless opportunities to prove you’re top-tier. Top performers in each category bag $100, highlighting skill and determination. Only the best 10 will advance to Phase 2. Grind, dominate, advance, and cash in!

Competition Info

Dive into ten thrilling skill challenges across five genres. Whether you’re a sharpshooter, a strategic genius, or a speed demon, there’s a challenge waiting for you. Check out the detailed rules and gear up for an unforgettable gaming experience!

– Enhance quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination.
– Improve spatial awareness and target tracking.
– Develop multitasking abilities and peripheral vision.
– Teach resource management under pressure.
– Beneficial in fields like aviation for situational awareness.
– Enhance concentration and focus.
– Boost reaction time to dynamic stimuli.

– Foster precise timing and pattern recognition.
– Enhance cognitive flexibility and adaptability.
– Develop strategic mindset and scenario anticipation.
– Useful in dynamic environments like stock trading.
– Improve emotional control under stress.
– Enhance decision-making under tight time constraints.
– Cultivate skills in predicting opponent’s next moves.

– Require strategic thinking and understanding of game mechanics.
– Foster teamwork and leadership skills.
– Improve adaptability to dynamic situations.
– Translatable to team management and leadership roles.
– Develop skills in managing and utilizing resources effectively.
– Enhance ability to perform under pressure.
– Cultivate analytical skills for game strategy and tactics.

– Develop precise control and strategic decision-making.
– Enhance risk assessment and forward planning skills.
– Improve ability to anticipate and make quick adjustments.
– Beneficial in urban planning and logistics.
– Teach the importance of focus and concentration.
– Develop spatial awareness and sense of timing.
– Enhance understanding of speed and trajectory.

– Cultivate resource allocation and long-term planning.
– Develop the capacity to adjust tactics based on changing conditions.
– Useful in fields like economics and military strategy.
– Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
– Foster analytical skills for evaluating multiple outcomes.
– Improve strategic decision-making abilities.
– Encourage creativity in approach and solutions.

Submission Process

Submitting your scores is easy!

1. Record your gameplay

2. Upload it to YouTube with the right title format

3. Submit your score through our form

Keep trying and improving – unlimited submissions mean unlimited chances to top the leaderboard!

Watch instructions:

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Any questions? Email [email protected]

Phase 2

Competition "Gamer"

Phase 2 – $500 per finalist. The grind of Phase 1 pays off here. The elite 10 battle through a 10-game wheel, with 2 games from each category, in a fierce first-to-5 match. Only the top two gamers will earn their spot in the ENDGAME FINALS in Michigan.


Game Wheel




Points Win




Per Finalist

Phase 3


Phase 3: Global Glory & $1,000 Prize. The Ultimate Showdown unfolds June 8th at DeVos Performance Hall. Our journey’s climax sees the final two ‘ Endgamers’ collide for the global champion title. Beyond the games, it’s a battle for legacy, with the grand prize and glory at stake. Who will ascend as the undisputed champion of the Endgame Invitational Finals?




Ascend through the ranks: dominate in Phase 1’s Combine across six games, aiming for the top to win $100 in each category. Advance to Phase 2, battling for a $500 finalist prize, then vie for the Endgame $1,000 prize in Phase 3 at DeVos Performance Hall. Every phase offers a new chance to shine and earn. Embrace the challenge, and claim your rewards!

What are you waiting for?

Register now, invite your friends, and get set for an adrenaline-pumping gaming journey. Let the games begin!

Any questions? Email [email protected]

Endgame Invitational Official Rules

Embark on the Endgame Invitational journey with ten skill challenges across five genres. Showcase your gaming prowess in high-speed tracking, precision, hand-eye coordination, movement, angles, strategy, button memorization, and pattern execution. To participate:

High-Speed Tracking & Precision: Stream or record a video titled “UEL Invitational Try Out” featuring your Trackmania training runs on tracks 1-20.

Upload your timed attempts.

Precision & Tracking: Use Aim Lab. Stream or record your session in the Ground Track mode by AIMLABSOFFICIALTASKS. Title the upload “UEL Invitational Try Out”.

Hand-Eye Coordination & Timing: Also in Aim Lab, tackle the Decisionshot Speed mode. Ensure your entry is publicly streamed or recorded with the event title.

Movement & Angles: Dive into “Siege Entry (standard)” mode in Aim Lab, showcasing your scoring prowess.

Slow-Paced Strategy: Share your strategic acumen by completing the quiz at https://aimchess.com/try/account and uploading your attempt with the event title.

Fast-Paced Strategy: Demonstrate your Tetris skills in Marathon mode, uploading your start-to-finish session. http://tinyurl.com/4fdy7a6x for apple http://tinyurl.com/294pfzb for android.

Button Memorization & Pattern Execution: With DOA 6 CORE FIGHTERS, use Kasumi in the combo trainer. Stream or record your session, highlighting your execution skills. https://teamninja-studio.com/doa6/uk/corefighters.html 

Movement & Timing: In Rocket League, enter the custom training code DF90-E6C2-DD43-64C4 and upload your completion time. 

Pattern Recognition & Memorization: Tackle the challenge at http://tinyurl.com/yr3d8twj, streaming or recording your high-score attempts.Play and log high score, if a tie it will go based on time” 

For each challenge, your entry must be publicly streamed or recorded, titled “UEL Invitational Try Out,” showcasing your skills and completion times or scores. This is your chance to shine across a spectrum of gaming skills. Good luck, and may the best gamers advance!