For Regent, Gaming Goes a Lot Deeper Than Game Play

Player First: Regent

Backstory For Romaello Range (AKA Regent) of the Delaware Wolves, gaming was more than just a shared interest between him, his brother and father. “This is how we learned social skills and how we learned to work together to achieve something,” Range says, “Rainbow 6, CoD, Metal of Honor… these games really built a rapport […]

Painfulboar Charges Ahead in a 1v1

Player First Spotlight

Backstory By the age of four, Tariq Byrd (AKA, Painfulboar316) of the New York Bandits would watch in awe as his father played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Although his mother regulated his game play and was positive role model who got him into gaming, his father let him join in the fun from […]

Popcandle: Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘Bout the New Kid in Town

Player First gamer spotlight

Backstory As the son of a military sergeant, Greg Murray (AKA Popcandle) of the Pennsylvania Cobras moved around frequently. “It’s hard to be that new kid every year… and as a kid in the 80s and 90s, if you didn’t have new gear, basketball cards, baseball cards or video games, you weren’t really brought into […]

Don’t You Forget About H I M

Player First gamer spotlight

Backstory Jacob Maas, (aka H I M) of the Florida Ravens, started gaming at a young age with his two brothers. Although their gaming styles and preferred gameplay have grown over time, the rivalry between them continues with all three of the Maas brothers now playing for Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL). “We’ve always asked who […]