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Don’t You Forget About H I M


Jacob Maas, (aka H I M) of the Florida Ravens, started gaming at a young age with his two brothers. Although their gaming styles and preferred gameplay have grown over time, the rivalry between them continues with all three of the Maas brothers now playing for Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL).

“We’ve always asked who the best overall gamer is between us,” says Jacob, “Playing the league, we can test that.”

It was Jacob’s stepmother who first discovered UEL in Stafford, VA. “We looked at the arena, saw the whole vibe and thought it was cool,” describes Jacob. While there, they met founder Titus Walker, who talked to them about his goals for the league.

“Originally, I wasn’t sold on joining the league because all I wanted to do was play Valorant,” Jacob says. But after his brothers tried out on the first two days, he decided to go on the last day which focused more on sports games. “I played with the others who were trying out and we were tested on all different skills. Super cool. I was sold right there.”


With Valorant now one of the games included on the competition wheel, Jacob also gets to participate in the game he loves and has put so much time into as a collegiate player at Northern Virginia Community College and now at George Mason.

These days, however, he calls NFL his game of choice. “I’ve always loved sports. I played football in particular for 10 years and baseball throughout my childhood. I like the concept of team-based games where everyone contributes to the team,” he says.

But Jacob also takes his love of esports a step further, studying sports management. Currently a junior, he has his sights set on graduating with his master’s degree in 2025/2026. “I’ve always loved esports and the thought of working in it,” he says.


Jacob is not into the competition for the money, but rather draws a lot of his motivation from the competition itself. “It’s a huge adrenaline rush when the games are intense, my teammates are beside me and we’re all talking trash. I love it all.”

It’s about the bragging rights, after all.


Jacob has always wanted to be the best. “I grind and play as much as I can to become the best. I watch videos and study on how to improve on shooting aspect of games, learn things about spacing, collaborating with your team and crosshair placement,” describes Jacob.

He adds, “You have to grind out the hours to learn how the different games work.”


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