DadHatTony Inspires His Kids for Greatness Through Gaming and Music

Backstory Growing up an orphan, Tony Narvaez (aka DadHatTony) of the South Carolina Phantoms always had music and video games to keep him out of trouble. Now as a father, he shares that experience with his son. “I was always a fan of WWE. It’s just a childhood nostalgia that never left. I get to […]

ZackAttack’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Backstory Zachary Maas (aka ZackAttack) of the Maryland Ghost and the oldest of three brothers playing for Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), started gaming on the original Xbox. “I’ve been playing games my entire life and there’s not a moment when I’m not playing some type of game,” he says. Although his console of choice is […]

ThePizzaMan Delivers on Game Play 

Backstory At just 12 years old, Ethan Stein (aka PizzaMan) of the New York Bandits, is now in his third season with Ultimate Endgamers League but has been playing since the first grade with his brother. Despite his young age, Stein is never treated like he’s a little kid. “To them, he’s just another player […]