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ZackAttack’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Zachary Maas (aka ZackAttack) of the Maryland Ghost and the oldest of three brothers playing for Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), started gaming on the original Xbox. “I’ve been playing games my entire life and there’s not a moment when I’m not playing some type of game,” he says.

Although his console of choice is still the Xbox, Zack’s PC gameplay is also on par with other gamers, especially when it comes to strategy and open-world turn-based games. “I love turn-based role-playing games where you roll the dice and whatever happens, happens,” Zack says. In fact, this permanent Dungeon Master of Dungeons and Dragons usually has a 20-sided die on him at all times and leaves the decisions he can’t make to Lady Luck herself.


What Zack didn’t leave to chance was his decision to expand his horizons with a job in security. To that end, he began working the night shift in an entry-level security position at a jail, and as of the end of 2023, he graduated from the police academy as a certified officer.

When he’s not working or gaming, you can find him behind the scenes at UEL helping with the production stream. “Knowing the behind-the-scenes stuff as a player gives me a good grasp of what is supposed to go down and answer questions for other players,” Zack describes.


With his security career now well on its way, Zack is still working on his goal to be a pro gamer. “I want to continue to build my experience in all types of games so I can get better myself and earn money. But I’d also be open to teaching competitive game strategies,” he says, adding that UEL’s game wheel randomizer gives him the best platform to reach these goals.


No matter what genre of game he is playing, he always goes into it with the mentality that it is a strategy game. “No matter how the gameplay goes, I use a chess strategy. I look at what my opponent does and think through what I can do to counter it,” says Zack.

Although Zack acknowledges his competitiveness, he never lets any loss define him or his actions. “I will be upset but I will learn from that loss and try to better myself in whatever I did wrong in that game,” he explains.

Despite his competitive nature, Zack is not much of a shit-talker. “When I play, I’m locked in and don’t care what you have to say to try and get in my head. I don’t have to say anything in return. I let my actions do the talking,” he says.


  • To the UEL for giving me this chance in the community to help me grow.

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