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DadHatTony Inspires His Kids for Greatness Through Gaming and Music


Growing up an orphan, Tony Narvaez (aka DadHatTony) of the South Carolina Phantoms always had music and video games to keep him out of trouble. Now as a father, he shares that experience with his son. “I was always a fan of WWE. It’s just a childhood nostalgia that never left. I get to share that with my son,” Narvaez explains.

This security guard supervisor and self-taught musician and rapper has also been exercising his talent as a music producer for video games. “Coexist Gaming had a competition to make music for a game PlayNYC was developing and I won. Until then, no one knew me as a producer. They only knew me as a rapper,” Narvaez says. Since then, the requests for his beats keep coming. He’s even performed in front of Snoop.


Narvaez’s night shift affords him the opportunity to be a part of the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), but it’s his commitment to inspire his kids to do great things that motivates him to make the 5- to 6-hour drive each way to attend UEL competitions.

“About three years ago, I started trying to do stuff that I always wanted to do,” he explains, “I look at my kids and see friends of mine doing amazing things and I wonder what went wrong with me. I still have time to right them and I want to show my kids I can do it.”


More importantly, Narvaez wants to show his kids that he’s doing what he wants to do – not sitting behind a desk and giving up. “For me, it’s personally to fulfill a dream that I’m the best at what I say I do… I’m a pro gamer,” he says.


Anyone who knows Narvaez knows he’s never without a book and a pencil because he loves writing. “I watch as much tape as I can in real sports or gaming and I make notes about how the best teams are using winning strategies,” he explains, “If I can write down a strategy and read it constantly, the moment I put it to action it’s already in second gear.”


  • To the Phantoms, the next champions – you already know.
  • To my wife, kids, Titus, and the Ultimate Endgamers League.

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