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DaBubbles: Critical Thinking Aids Gaming, Federal Law Enforcement


For Bobby Maas (aka DaBubbles) of the Pennsylvania Cobras, and the youngest of three brothers playing in Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), competition has always been in the family blood.

“I became a gamer because growing up I would always find myself wanting to play racing games while watching Jake and Zack play. We would play family Madden tournaments and it would always come down to me and Jake in the final two,” Bobby says.

He adds, “There’s always been competition between us, but it wasn’t until I started doing competitive gaming that the competitive side of me really came out.”


As Bobby pursues his love of gaming and a weekly Twitch stream, he’s also pulling double duty with a role in federal law enforcement. In fact, his teammates are never surprised to see him arrive to practice or competitions still donning the suit he wears for his internship with Homeland Security Investigations.

“My Dad served 14 years in the US Army… after hearing all the stories, I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” he says. Unfortunately, health issues prevented him from pursuing that path, but he could still fulfill his interest in serving his country through Federal Law Enforcement.

“My passion for this kind of work came from a study abroad program I did in the Philippines. I conducted interviews with victims, organizations, and prior traffickers to understand how trafficking happens and how to lower them.”


Right from the start, Bobby wanted to be a part of an expansion team. “It lets me shine as a player compared to being on an established team where I may not see the spotlight. We all just started working together with the same mindset. It’s a lot of moving parts that are now coming together,” says Bobby of the Cobras.

And as season 8 begins, he looks forward to playing against oldest brother, Zack, twice. “It will make me even better, more competitive,” he explains.


Bobby attributes much of his success in gaming to his quick critical thinking and action-reaction thinking. “I’ve been able to see pieces coming together before they happen. It’s been a big thing I’ve carried with the racers, but it’s also helped with the shooters,” Bobby describes.


For my team who saw something in me that I didn’t see at the beginning of the season. They’ve all been supportive and I’m supportive of them. I love the Cobras and consider them my second family.

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