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Wonkhoo, Florida Ravens

For Wonkhoo, UEL Has Been Life-changing


Courtney Nave (aka Wonkhoo) of the Florida Ravens was handed down the gift of gaming from her older brothers, but it was her introduction to the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL) that changed her life.

While on a walk in Spotsylvania, Nave’s friend mentioned a new gaming facility nearby, so they decided to check it out. “We stumbled in and that’s when I met Herb,” she says.

Not only did Herbert McCoy (aka PassDaHerb$), the General Manager of the facility, give them details about the league, but soon after, Nave picked up a management position at the facility. “I got lucky because they needed me and I needed a job,” Nave explains.

The life changes didn’t end there. Nave and Herb have now been a couple for the last year and a half.

She is now in her 5th season with the Ravens. And although McCoy no longer works at UEL, he’s the owner of Nave’s team.


Although she is no longer a UEL manager, Nave is equally as committed to the league as she was the day she walked in. “My biggest thing is that I want to see the league itself thrive. I definitely plan on staying involved.”

Nave left her post at the facility for Northern Virginia (NOVA) Community College’s Year Up hands-on training program where she is now in her final phase working as an intern at a data center in Richmond.

When she’s not working, she devotes the bulk of her time to the UEL. “A lot of people don’t realize how big my dreams are. I want to get back into making music, streaming, creating content, or getting my black belt in Taekwondo… but the league is where I spend my time,” she says.


When it comes to motivation, Nave is in it to win it.

“I really want to win something. I want to do it with a team – a family – and the Ravens are doing a good job of that,” says Nave.

As the first woman in the league, she adds, “I don’t want to be the best female in the league. I want to be the best overall. I want to be the best that helps draw attention to our team.”


Nave attributes much of her current success to the patience, self-discipline, and other professional skills she has learned from the Year Up program. “You have to put your brain to work. Some days, you just don’t want to do something – I definitely experienced that in our final game against the Gorillaz last season” she explains, “But I keep reminding myself that it’s going to feel amazing in the future.”


  • To Herb for holding me accountable and helping me grow as both a gamer and a person.
  • To Titus and the UEL for giving me an opportunity in my time of need.
  • To the Ravens for being not only my team, but my family as well.
  • To H I M because he shouted me out in his article.

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