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KoiZen: The Calm During a Gaming Storm


Curtis Jones (aka KoiZen) of the Delaware Wolves got into gaming because of his cousins, but it was the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL) that brought him back to Virginia.

“My older cousin taught me how to play sports games like Madden and basketball games as a way to spend my free time when I was home, but it was also something we bonded over,” Jones says.

Before long, he branched out into shooters and fighters which continue to be his games of choice to this day.


After moving around with his family between New York, Virginia and Florida, Jones decided to move back to Virginia when he saw the opportunity to go pro with UEL.

“I have always had aspirations to be a pro gamer, so I just picked up and moved,” Jones explains.

And so far, he feels it’s been worth it. Despite a rocky start to his rookie season, he’s building his skills and became both a coach and a captain in his first season.


For now, Jones is committed to Titus Walker’s UEL vision with the goal that players like him will eventually be salaried.

But for Jones, pro gaming is just a means to an end.

At age 24, Jones has his sights on a nightclub that he is building and plans to have up and running by his 30th birthday.


With a username like KoiZen, Jones takes pride in his ability to overcome obstacles while maintaining an air of peace and calm.

“I’ll watch others play to learn different roles and characters, then I play by myself to form own strategy and then reverse it to see what works better,” explains Jones.

He adds, “I can apply my shooter skills to strategy games within two minutes of the game.”


– My twin, my 2 kids and my GM EastsideTrucker

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