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From the Courts to the Console: Madd Genius Levels Up from NBA2K


For Matthew Nathan (aka Madd Genius, New York Bandits), evolving his interest in basketball from the courts to the console, seemed like a natural next step.

“I played basketball and watched the seasons growing up, but seeing how close it was to real life in video games was really interesting to me,” said Nathan.

And regardless of whether his friends had Dreamcast, Sega, or Playstation, NBA2k was “one of those household games we always had.”


Joining the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), however, has forced Nathan to play games he normally wouldn’t have touched. “I’ve always played sports games like Madden and FIFA, but now I’ve grown more interested in different fighting games and racing games,” Nathan describes.

“The league pushes you to be good in so many different categories and it makes you want to play them. Gaming has so much more of a purpose for me now,” he adds.


Like many UEL players, Nathan sees gaming as a career. “Gaming has always been my passion, and it’s only grown over time. I want this to be something I can use to take care of my family, to take care of my life,” said Nathan.

But more than that, Nathan is motivated by his growth as both a person and a player. “I feel like I’ve developed a big sense of community. I didn’t know a lot of people… but [through the UEL] I’ve developed some intimate friendships. It’s become more of a home for me. I don’t just feel like a player. I feel like family…” explains Nathan.


“I assure you that no one else on a team is going to outwork me. No matter what team I’ve been on, I’ve always been the guy to do the work. You can count on me,” he says.


Special thanks to my fiancé, my number one fan and biggest supporter. A lot of being a part of the league is because of her. She wants to see me pursue my passion.

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Player First

gamer spotlights