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X-Ray Aspect Tackles Gaming Strategy Rock, Paper, Scissors Style


Adam Ahmed (aka, X-ray Aspect) of the Maryland Ghost was an early starter of video games, beginning to play at just three years old.

“Living in Egypt, my parents didn’t let me go outside to play, so I was pretty much inside on the computer playing Warcraft 3,” Ahmed explains. 

It wasn’t until he moved to the United States in 2012 that Ahmed held his first controller, opening his world up to more FPS games, starting with CoD Black Ops 1 and later expanding into League of Legends.


Ahmed has now played League of Legends for 11 years, joining the college team at Northern Virginia Community College and then finishing his Bachelor’s degree in 2022. Since graduating, he works full time and continues to play League of Legends with Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL).

“I work the night shift,” says Ahmed. “I get three days off, four days on. I practice when I get up. I practice on my days off. It’s just rinse and repeat.”


To stay on top of his game, Ahmed watches the pros and imitates the strategies he sees. “There’s always room to improve and the game is never stagnant. You need to constantly adapt,” he says. 

He also never sells himself short on the kinds of games he can play. “I’m biggest known for strategy, but I never thought I could be a racer too. You just never know how you can build upon yourself by trying something new,” Ahmed says. 


Ahmed predominantly plays on the computer, preferring to have everything on the computer, mouse and keyboard as much as possible.

Regardless of how or what he plays though, there’s always an objective in mind. “Even in Starcraft or TABS, they’re all about outplaying the player and understanding what you’re going for,” Ahmed says, “It’s all a big rock, paper, scissors scenario. I can figure out what to do to beat this kind of strategy – it’s just a matter of when.”


To the Ghost squad – We’ve been through highs and lows together. We’re looking to close out the season as best we can as we go into playoffs.

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Player First

gamer spotlights